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Paradelphic Games
Inclusive competitions of people with disabilities in the field of highest achievements in arts
11-17 November
2018 Second International Paradelphic Games, Izhevsk, Udmurtia

About Udmurtia


The State Opera and Ballet Theatre of the Udmurt Republic named after P. I. Tchaikovsky

The history of the theater dates back to 1958, to the opening of the Music and Drama Theater. In 1993, it acquired the status of the State Opera and Ballet Theatre. Presently, it is the only theater of academic tradition in the homeland of P. I. Tchaikovsky. In 2015, in recognition of the theater’s contribution to popularization of Tchaikovsky’s heritage, it was named after the composer.

Based on opera and ballet classics, the theatre’s extensive repertoire includes operettas, musical comedies, musicals, children’s plays participated by the stars of Russian and the world’s stages.

To make classical musical heritage more accessible for people with disabilities, the venue was equipped with orientation means for people with hearing and visual impairments (a Braille mnemonic scheme, tactile footpaths, induction loops). It also has information terminals for disabled and other physically challenged people.

Address: 221, Pushkinskaya st., Izhevsk, 426057

The State Russian Drama Theatre of Udmurtia

The State Russian Drama Theater opened its doors in Udmurtia in 1935. Today it takes pride of place among other prominent Russian theatre groups. Being a remarkable cultural symbol of the region, the theater embodies great traditions of the Russian repertory theater.

high-quality repertoire, art direction, genre variety of productions appeal to wide audiences in Udmurtia and beyond. In today’s theatre’s playbill are «Hamlet» and «King Lear» by W. Shakespeare, «The Twelve Chairs» by I. Ilf and E. Petrov, «The Seagull» by A. Chekhov, «The Cripple of Inishmaan» by M. McDonagh.

The theatre has taken part in and has become laureate of many Russian and international festivals. In 2016, the play «Little Tragedies» by A. Pushkin was nominated for the most prestigious Russian theater award «The Golden Mask».

As part of the state programme «Accessible Environment» the venue was equipped with a ramped entrance, handrails, an assistance alarm, induction loops system, information terminals for disabled and other physically challenged people.

Address: 71, M. Gorky st., Izhevsk, 426057

The State National Theatre of the Udmurt Republic

The State National Theater of the Udmurt Republic was founded in 1931. The first performance staged here was the play «The Vala River Rustling» by a young (afterwards well-known) Udmurt playwright Ignatiy Gavrilov.

The theatre provides a broad programme from repertoire of the best Russian and foreign classics, Russian playwrights, however, placing special emphasis on national dramaturgy.

Today the theatre offers over 30 productions for different age groups, varying in style and genre: dramas, comedies, vaudevilles, musicals, concerts, fairy tales.
The National Theater is a regular participant and laureate of theatre contests, festivals, exchange tours, cultural events.

To ensure accessibility of the venue for people with disabilities, its premises were equipped with a ramped entrance and an assistance alarm, a mnemonic scheme for visually impaired people in the foyer, hearing aid induction loops system in the auditorium.

Address: 73, M. Gorky st., Izhevsk, 426051

The State Puppet Theatre of the Udmurt Republic

The history of the puppet theater in Izhevsk dates back to 1935. Today, basing its repertoire on the world’s best classics and offering an extensive programme of 40 stage productions for all ages, the theater serves as a center of family entertainment and education, of charitable activities and social projects.
The level of the theatre troupe’s professionalism has been recognized on many occasions at numerous festivals. The theater tours all across Udmurtia and undertakes exchange tours in other regions of Russia.

Since 2013, under the leadership of actor K. Mekhryakov, a children’s inclusive puppet theater «Nadezhda» has been based at the venue to offer rehabilitative creative experiences for disabled children and to foster their social integration. The children’s team has already been honored at many national and international contests and festivals.

Responding to social demands, the puppet theatre goes beyond the narrow concept of theater and seeks to embody the quintessence of culture with equal opportunities for all.

Address: 9, Lomonosova st., Izhevsk, 426004

The Udmurt State Philharmonic Society

The Udmurt State Philharmonic Society, since its opening in 1938, has become one of the most prestigious concert venues in Udmurtia. Annually it hosts over 500 events including classical, jazz and modern concerts by some of the best Russian and foreign performing musicians.

It also unites the leading bands and performers of the region: the State Symphony Orchestra, the State Orchestra of Wind Instruments «Arsenal Band», the State Academic Ensemble of Song and Dance «Italmas», the Academic Chapel Choir, the orchestra of folk instruments «Golden Melody», the group «Shuldyr Zhyt».
The Philharmonic Society takes high pride in its traditional festivals, the greatest of which is the annual «In the Homeland of P. I. Tchaikovsky», held since 1958. The festival brings the best professionals of the world music to Udmurtia, making it a truly unforgettable experience for everyone.

The venue is equipped with induction loop system, ramps, handrails, a lift for people in wheelchairs, orientation means, sanitary conveniences for disabled and physically challenged people.

Address: 245, Pushkinskaya st., Izhevsk, 426008

The Udmurt State Theater of Folk Song and Dance «Aikai»

The folk song and dance theater «Aikai» was founded in 1990 with the aim to preserve cultural traditions of the Udmurt people. The creative credo of the ensemble is to revive the dying forms of song and dance culture, traditional instrumental music, national costumes and ornaments and to embody them on the stage in a beautiful artistic form.

Presently the theater has a team of 25 professional singers and musicians, masters of decorative and applied arts and crafts.

A distinctive trait of the ensemble is that its artists are not subdivided into vocal, orchestra and dance groups — they are all interchangeable. Moreover, the ensemble’s originality and flair stem from a unique combination of professional singing, dancing and folk tradition.

«Aikai» takes part in many cultural events of the Republic and often represents Udmurtia at professional artistic events in Moscow, Kazan, Perm and other cities of Russia and abroad.

Address: 188, K. Marx st., Izhevsk, 426057

The National Library of the Udmurt Republic

The National Library of the Udmurt Republic is the largest universal library in Udmurtia whose mission is to form and preserve the documentary heritage of the Udmurt Republic and to ensure free and equal access to information resources.

The library develops the corporate full-text repository — the National Electronic Library of the Udmurt Republic comprising documents on Udmurt folklore, linguistics, literature and art, history, archeology and ethnography of Udmurts.

Any internet user can use various online services of the library and access ethnocultural web projects: the wiki-encyclopedia «Vorshud», «The Peoples of Udmurtia», the blog «Udmurt Krai».

The library contributes to socialization of disabled people by providing access to printed heritage in the formats suitable for the blind and visually impaired users. It issues books in large print, relief-point, relief-graphic and audio formats, and holds various cultural and educational events, the largest of which is the annual interregional festival «The World is One for All» for children with health limitations.

Address: 11, Sovetskaya st., Izhevsk, 426011

The Republican Library for Children and Youth

The Republican Library for Children and Youth, founded in 1919, is one of the oldest libraries in Udmurtia. In 1954, the Central Children’s Library was reorganized into the Republican Library and became a methodological center for library services to children. In the late 1980s, the library prioritized humanities-based programmes and shifted its focus from methodological issues to practical support for libraries working with children by offering professional trainings, publishing activities, spreading the innovative experience and research on children’s reading.

Today the library functions as a regional center for promotion of children’s books and reading and regularly holds various creative contests, family reading competitions, the Book Week events for children and youth.

Due to the state programme «Affordable Environment», the library has increased its accessibility to users with disabilities. It also actively cooperates with the centers of support for families with disabled children, the social help center for families and children, remedial schools and kindergartens of Izhevsk.

Address: 200, Pushkinskaya st., Izhevsk, 426076

The National Museum of the Udmurt Republic named after K. Gerd

The National Museum of the Udmurt Republic named after Kuzebay Gerd was established in 1920. Today it is an important research, cultural and educational institution of the region.

The museum is housed in the building of the former arms plant Arsenal, a monument of industrial architecture of the 19th century. Since 2000, the museum bears the name of Kuzebay Gerd, a renowned Udmurt poet, playwright and public figure.

The museum has nearly 200 thousand exhibits in its collection including weapon (cold and firearms), written sources and photographs, monuments of history, archeology and ethnography (national costumes, household items, etc.). The museum’s expositions reveal the history of Udmurtia, its nature, the heritage of its peoples. On average, they are visited by 200 thousand people every year.

Catering equally for all categories of users, the museum provides information and orientation aids. It also stages specially adapted expositions «Nature of Udmurtia» and «Archeology» accompanied by information plates in Braille; some of the exhibits are touch friendly.

Address: 287, Kommunarov st., Izhevsk, 426034

The Udmurt Republican Museum of Fine Arts

The Museum of Fine Arts was opened to the public in 1980. Since that time, the museum’s collection has been substantially enlarged. Today it comprises about 13 thousand museum items, including the works of distinguished Udmurt artists, Russian and West European masters of the 18th — early 21st centuries.
This collection is unique as it is the only in the world dedicated to the history and development of professional art in Udmurtia. Among the museum’s other remarkable treasures are the works of masters of Russian and Western European art of the 18th — early 20th centuries.

The museum places great emphasis on promotion of fine arts through various means, including all types of excursions, lectures and exhibitions — from didactic to art-connoisseurs oriented; art meetings, concerts, performances and master classes.

In recent years, with the aim to ensure the reach of these services to people with health limitations, the museum has been actively working toward improving its accessibility with support of the regional programme «Accessible Environment 2011–2020».

Address: 128, Kirova st., Izhevsk, 426001

The State Memorial Architectural Complex «The Memorial Estate of P. I. Tchaikovsky»

The Memorial Estate of P. I. Tchaikovsky is a unique monument of history and culture of universal significance. It is located in the house where the Tchaikovsky family lived from 1837 to 1848. The opening of the museum in this house took place on 30 April 1940, on the eve of P. I. Tchaikovsky’s 100th anniversary.

Initially, the exposition featured about one thousand exhibits: among them was the grand piano «Wirth», the keys of which were touched by the young Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky. Presently the museum holds other exceptional belongings of the Tchaikovsky family, furniture and accessories of the 19th century. The estate is surrounded by a beautiful park with gazebos, farm buildings restored from old drawings, a two-century old linden tree.

The museum offers various history-based excursions: theatrical, thematic, children’s tours. It takes active part in all-Russian campaigns, organizes events and concerts for visitors of all ages.

The memorial complex is accessible for people with disabilities; it has recreational areas, a historical entertainment park, an interactive site for music lovers, a playground for children.

Address: 119, Tchaikovskogo st., Votkinsk, 427410

The M. T. Kalashnikov Museum and Exhibition Complex of Small Arms

The Kalashnikov Museum and Exhibition Complex of Small Arms opened in Izhevsk in 2004 and immediately became one of the main tourist attractions of the city, whose history is closely linked to the arms production dating 200 years back as far as the Napoleonic Wars.

The museum offers hi-tech and interactive expositions. The main character of museum narration is Mikhail Timofeevich Kalashnikov, a landmark figure in the history of Izhevsk as one of the major centers of Russian arms craftsmanship.

The museum has a demonstration hall featuring a firing range and displaying various models of historical and contemporary arms; and also
a pneumatic and a crossbow shooting ranges, equipped with multimedia facilities.

To suit the needs of disabled and other physically challenged people, the venue has been equipped with mnemonic tactile plans in the foyer; the main exposition is equipped with a sound navigation system «Parus»; for people with hearing impairments FM-system «Sonet-RSM» is used. All this makes the museum accessible and interesting for wide audiences.

Address: 19, Borodina st., Izhevsk, 426057

History and Culture Museum-Reserve of the Udmurt Republic «Idnakar»

The Museum-Reserve «Idnakar» is located in Glazov on the territory of the unique archeological monument of the 9th-13th centuries AD — Idnakar ancient settlement. It also includes the museum displaying permanent exhibitions «Idnakar ancient settlement 9–13 centuries AD», «The Origins. Polomskaya archeological culture», «Nature of the North of Udmurtia».

The archaeological collections of «Idnakar» feature unique monuments of the Cheptsa River basin dating back to the period of ethnic unions formation in the Middle Ages. They include tools, household items, utensils, weapons, ornaments, unfinished artifacts serving as the basis for researching material and spiritual culture of the Finno-Ugric population that left them.

The museum holds theatrical excursions, interactive lessons, games and competitions aimed at patriotic education, creativity development, engagement into dialogue between cultures and generations. Great care is devoted to the work with socially vulnerable persons — elderly and disabled people, multi-child families, troubled adolescents.

Address: 27/38, Sovetskaya st., Glazov, 427620

The Architectural and Ethnographic Museum-Reserve «Ludorvay»

The museum-reserve «Ludorvay» is one of the largest Finno-Ugric museums in Russia and the only museum in Udmurtia compiling ethnographic collections on culture of the peoples living in the region.

Located in a picturesque place in the south-west of Udmurtia, the museum covers an area of 59,9 ha and has 17 objects of a genuine peasant architecture of the late 19th-early 20th century divided into 5 sectors: southern Udmurts, central Udmurts, northern Udmurts and Besermans, Russians, Tatars. Each sector represents a fragment of a settlement portraying everyday life, architectural and ethnographic characteristics of a certain ethnic group. The homestead of southern Udmurts functions as a «playing» museum offering to take part in the rite of guesthood, in folk dances and games, to taste national food and to listen folk songs. The museum also organizes holiday celebrations according to old Udmurt and Russian traditions and hosts international festivals.

Due to the regional programme «Accessible Environment» the museum’s expositions were made accessible for disabled people.

Address: 13b, Pastukhova st., Izhevsk, 426011

The Republican House of Folk Art

The Republican House of Folk Art is a methodological center for support, development and popularization of folk art in Udmurtia. Founded in 1936, the House of Folk Art aims to preserve amateur art and to form the catalogue of items of the intangible cultural heritage of the peoples living on the territory of the Udmurt Republic.

As a coordinator of cultural and recreational institutions of Udmurtia, the center organizes annual festivals and contests dedicated to folk and amateur art such as the Interregional Festival of the Finno-Ugric Peoples «Vorshud», the International Buranovskiy Festival, the Republican Contest of Folk Dance «Kupancha», the Children’s Folklore Festival «Guzhdor», the Open Republican Festival and Contest of Udmurt Culture «Daur Gur» and some other.

The building of the House of Folk Art is equipped with disabled facilities: ramps, assistance alarms, tactile signage.

Address: 363, Kommunarov st., Izhevsk, 426008

The National Center for Decorative and Applied Arts and Crafts

Folk art, with its authenticity and unique traditions, is the priceless wealth of every nation. This is why the National Center for Decorative and Applied Arts and Crafts was established in the capital of Udmurtia in 1991.

For many years, the center has researched, preserved and popularized the artistic crafts of Udmurtia, worked on traditional crafts technologies updating. The center regularly holds public master classes and exhibitions demonstrating such kinds of decorative arts and crafts as patterned weaving, artistic woodworking, folk toys making, art painting, ceramics, creation of Udmurt costumes and ornaments, recreation of folk musical instruments.

The center moves towards greater integration in Russian and the world’s artistic culture via participation in various international, Russian and interregional festivals and exhibitions.

The venue is accessible for all users, including the disabled. Its entrance and premises are equipped with Braille tactile signage. The center holds adapted workshops and provides portable magnifiers, sound amplifiers, a radio guide.

Address: 173, v. Sivkova st., Izhevsk, 426057

The State Circus of Udmurtia

The State Circus of Udmurtia is one of the main landmarks of the cultural landscape of Izhevsk. The circus complex in Izhevsk has no analogues in Russia. It has a distinguished exterior design, the latest high-tech equipment and a beautiful arena with a capacity of 1,700 spectators.

The biggest milestone in Izhevsk circus history is the International Festival of Circus Art. The first festival took place in February 2008 and immediately became a remarkable phenomenon in the world’s circus art. For 11 years of hosting these festivals, Izhevsk has been proudly retaining the status of one of the world’s circus capitals.

Due to the state programme «Affordable Environment», the circus of Udmurtia has become one of the places specially adapted for disabled people. The circus annually holds «The Day of the Disabled» organized in cooperation with social care services. The programme of the event traditionally features fascinating circus performances and a gift presentation ceremony for all the invited guests.

Address: 136, Krasnoarmeyskaya st., Izhevsk, 426057

The State Zoological Park of Udmurtia

Opened in 2008, the Zoo of Udmurtia is today in the top five of Russia’s most visited zoos and in the top twenty of the best zoos in Europe. Currently its collection totals more than 700 animal individuals, 224 species.

In 2015, Izhevsk zoo was the first and the only zoo in Russia to carry out the «Tactile Zoo» project providing the opportunity for visually impaired and totally blind people to feel and thus to learn how this or that animal looks like.

The territory of the zoological park is accessible for everyone, including people with disabilities, since it is equipped with ramps, handrails and appropriate sanitary conveniences. There are also information plates about animals in Braille, a map of the zoo, induction loops for people with hearing impairments.

Throughout the year, the zoo traditionally holds a number of events for people with disabilities — «The Day of Childhood», a doors open event «Towards a Dream», «Walking the Path of Kindness».

Address: 8, Kirova st., Izhevsk, 426033


Companies that produce products for the rehabilitation.

Izhevsk office «FGUP «Moskovskoye PROP» Mintruda Rossii»

Сhief: Suvorov Sergey Vasilyevich.


Модульные протезы
Немодульные протезы
Протезы для купания и спорта
Протезы с внешним источником энергии
Косметические протезы
С внешним источником энергии

Children's orthopedic shoes

Women's and men's orthopedic shoes


Сhief: Lipikhina Marina Nikolayevna.


Prostheses/dentures, corsets, knee pads.


+7 (3412) 65-85-72


Сhief: Sergeyeva Olga Lvovna.

Выпускаемая продукция

Prostheses/dentures, orthopedic shoes, baths for the disabled, innovative components for femur prostheses.

Orthopedic devices

Аппарат на коленный сустав
Тутор для фиксации голеностопного сустава
Тутор на локтевой сустав фиксирующий
Аппарат на тазобедренный сустав
Аппарат на нижние конечности и туловище
Протез с универсальной гильзой

Orthopedic shoes

При укорочениях нижних конечностей
При различных патологиях стопы
При различных патологиях стопы
При различных деформациях стопы

«NPP «Dostupnaya Sreda» LLC

Сhief: Nagovitsyn Platon Vladimirovich.


Trunk with automatic loading wheelchair.


Сhief: Zorin Aleksey Viktorovich.


Walkers, special simulators.

«Akustmash» SJSC

Сhief: Sedlov Aleksey Leonidovich.


Health-improving and rehabilitation equipment.

Объединенный массажный комплекс «ОМК-1М»
Объединенный массажный комплекс «Радуга-2»
Массажная система пластиковая «Стопа 2М»
Стол массажный «СТМ-РП»

The Organizing Committee of the Second International Paradelphic Games is appointed by the order of the Udmurt Government
28 April 2018
The process of forming of the Organizing Committee to prepare and perform The Second International Paradelphic Games in the Republic of Udmurtia has been completed.
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A professional jury of The Second International Paradelphic Games was formed
11 April 2018
The Republic of Udmurtia formed the Professional Jury of the Second International Paradelphic Games for each of the 8 fields of arts included in the program of the Games.
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New logo of Paradelphic Games approved
2 April 2018
After the extensive work on the development, coordination and approval of a new logotype for Paradelphic Games, the National Paradelphic Committee of Russia has chosen image of two dancing dolphins.
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Primary expertise of cultural institutions of Udmurtia checking their accessibility for disabled persons performed
5 February 2018
In January-February, 2018, representatives of the National Paradelphic Committee of Russia (NPCR) Lidiya Abramova, Natalya Krel, Tatiyana Kasikova visited Izhevsk, the capital of the Republic of Udmurtia.
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