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Paradelphic Games
Inclusive competitions of people with disabilities in the field of highest achievements in arts
Republic of Udmurtia was chosen as the host for the Second International Paradelphic Games of 2018

The Second International Paradelphic Games as special creative competitions for the disabled in the fields of culture and art will be held from 11 to 17 of November, 2018 in Izhevsk, the capital of the Republic of Udmurtia. Several regions of Russia applied for the role of the capital of the Second Paradelphic Games.

The President of the National Paradelphic Committee of Russia and the Vice-president of All-Russian Society of the Blind Lydia Abramova said: «The Republic of Udmurtia bewitched us with the tremendous preservation of national culture, national treasure, and peoples’ crafts. Very good condition of cultural sites and an accessible environment for the disabled persons was a weighty argument.»

The program of the Games includes the grand opening and closing of the Games, an extensive cultural and business program, a constituent conference of the International Paradelphic Committee. A live webcast of all the events within the framework of the Paradelphic Games will be conducted.

«We have such nomination as the original genre. It is in your region that we decided to expand nomination for the circus art, and I think that we will see the finest representatives among the disabled persons in this field of culture», —commented Natalya Krel, Executive Director of the National Paradelphic Committee.

«I’d like to thank the National Paradelphic Committee for placing its trust in Republic of Udmurtia. It’s a high honor and huge responsibility for us. We should go a long way. We need interpreters with knowledge of at least 5 languages, sign-language interpreters and huge army of volunteers. I’m sure that quality of venues and organization will show that the Republic of Udmurtia is capable to meet all challenges,«- summarized Tatiana Churakova, the Minister of Labor and Social Welfare of Republic of Udmurtia.


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